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The debut album by James Buchanan Fan Club about bad coping mechanisms, a church fire, depression, lycanthropy, and a weekend with some satanists (among other things).

Thanks to all who followed the release of this album. Please listen to it either a) loudly or b) with a good pair of headphones.

Happy 56th Birthday, Dad.


released September 2, 2015

John Belmont - glockenspiel, guitar, hammered dulcimer, keyboards, toy accordion, ukulele, vocals
Gina Belmont - vocals (Track 5)

Select audio on Tracks 1, 6, and 10 is taken from the 1981 film An American Werewolf in London. Select audio on Track 3 is from a Sunday mass performed February 8, 2015 by the Diocese of Toledo and other select audio on that same track is from a YouTube video of a fireplace crackling. Select audio on Track 5 is from a YouTube video of birdsong.

Recorded in John's bedroom in Winston Salem, North Carolina
All composition and lyrics by John Belmont
Mixed and mastered by John Belmont
Album Art - Loch Lomond by Horatio McCulloch (obtained for use via Public Domain)



all rights reserved


James Buchanan Fan Club Harrisonburg, Virginia

James Buchanan Fan Club (formed 2015) is an alternative / folk / indie project and brainchild of Harrisonburg resident John Belmont, with some occasional contributors.

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Track Name: Apex Predator
And when it comes
Gnashing it's rows of teeth
You will see time is an apex predator
And when it comes
To put us in our graves
You will know time is an apex predator

It won't be soon, but sooner than you would expect
And it won't be long, no not that long at all
The singing loon has few shrill notes left to eject
And his little song won't rise above the squall


We'll be sad, but more so if this never ends
And we'll be cold, but colder if we stay
It's not bad wishing death on all your friends
And it's pretty bold, but I've been so proud to play

Track Name: Vacancy
Sit alone at the dinner table
Reflection right across from me
Start to read that face
And I don't like what I see
Walk the dog for a long, long time
Need an excuse to leave
Keep my phone on vibrate
Though there's no calls to receive
Etherized in my leather chair
Flip through channels for a while
Turn through the pages of old magazines
Start sorting through the pile

Waiting for you
Waiting for me
Company is my desperate plea
There is no neon sign to advertise this vacancy
No electricity

Try to read a few books
Get jealous; forced to put them down
They've all got adventures to take
They've all won some sparkling crown
If you were an astronaut
You'd see my yearning from space
But just the same it's all my fault
That I can't get out of this place
Absentmindedly twirl a pencil
Do crosswords longer than I'd like to admit
I've gotten so good at loneliness
That I'd forgotten how much I hated it

Waiting for you
Waiting for me
Waiting for you to come and set me free
There is no neon sign to advertise this vacancy
No electricity
No electricity
No electricity
No electricity
Track Name: As the Church Burns
And we sat on the roof
The song of the fire
Floats on the breeze
Look over the bushes
In my neighbor's front yard
I recall our disease

I want you to like me
Reach out my hand
But you straighten up fast
And we listen to crackling
Heat waves in the air
How long will they last?

You've got that look in your eyes
I can feel the earth as it turns
And what I had hoped for falls apart
As the church burns

We didn't start it
Theorize the sparks
We are in a drought
No, it's not our fault
No one wants to see this
But we could have put it out

I look at your soft skin
Remember how it felt
To know that you cared
Bad things happen to me
I could have explained myself
But I never dared

Steeple falls in the bushes
Embers ignite the ferns
Chances up in smoke
As the church burns
Track Name: Frankenstein's Monster
Knees up to my face
Down here in a hole
Peek through broken baseboards
Rearrange the books I stole
Words weigh on my tongue
And I try my heavy head
Fight the urge to speak to them
Find something else instead

And then I see
What has become of me

Out at night in the woods
Picking fruit from a tree
Practice every whisper
For a ghostly addressee
Feel a twinge of anger
About my home in a sty
See my face in the water
And remind myself why

And then I know
That the inside doesn't show

I know a lump of clay
Cannot judge it's creator
But I hold on to hope
That one day I'll be greater
When the villagers come
With their pitchforks and flame
I'll be under the table
With just myself to blame

And then I'll see
Just what they think of me
Track Name: Dawn
When the trumpet sounds and the drum roll starts
We march toward the sun
When the captain calls to the standard men
Left, right, left, and all for one
And the blazing lights can reach our eyes
But not within our hands
No, we'll never grasp the distant sun
No matter what our plans

Anticipate the dawn
But as soon as you do, you know it's gone
Hope for fleeting joy
But our hopes fall down like ancient Troy
Life is one long streak of stubborn hopefulness
But still we march on to the distance nonetheless

For every time we trip and fall
We make up an excuse
And we make adjustments one by one
Ignore the simple ruse
Everything is preparation for
Whatever's coming next
At least with false consistency
No one's quite as vexed

Track Name: Werewolf's Lament
Minding my own business eating Cheetos
When I see the moon crest up into my room
And the moonlight floods the carpet like a tide pool
And my head pounds with a growing sense of doom
Hairs begin to sprout along my body
Fingernails grow and sharpen fast
Cry a thousand curses as the sickness grows in strength
Wonder how long this time will last

And I'm sorry and I howl
And I tremble and I growl
I can't stop it, not a chance
Square up to the full moon dance

Quiver as my nose becomes a snout
Arch my back and feel my legs extend
Think of all the people I will probably kill tonight
Beg and beg for any kind of end
Eyes adjust to moonlight in an instant
Teeth protrude and bushy tail points
Start to think the thoughts I wouldn't dare to have in life
As muscle growth brings popping to my joints

And I'm sorry and I scream
And I hope that this is a dream
I can't stop it, not a chance
To try and fight the full moon dance

Time is getting shorter than a Planck length
Racing toward oblivion tonight
Wishing there was somewhere I could run to
Every time the full moon's shining bright
Thoughts are coming quicker by the second
Anger, chaos, blood, and sadness too
Back and forth between me and the wolf inside my heart
Hoping I can spare myself from you

And I'm sorry and I tried
And I failed, and besides
I am hungry; take my stance
Ready for the full moon dance
Track Name: Leather Belt
Like a squirrel that gathers acorns for the winter
Seek out every memory I've got
Build a little temple for the lost god that you pray to
When you think that you don't have another shot
Call upon the reasons and the symbols
Realize I haven't got a clue
Never been real purpose in the path I took to get here
What else is new?

Think of all the times I hurt your feelings
Until the image fades hot into black
All the ways you asked me why I did the things I did then
Both of us knowing there's no going back
Wrestle with the spirits in the window
Climbing in to make me doubt my words
See my expiration date and open up the bottle
Smell the chunky curds

And when the sun has killed the night
You will know this time was right

Letters from a friend here in the desk drawer
Telling me to keep up with the fight
But sometimes you've just got to pick your battles
And sometimes there's a bullet there to bite
Wonder why they wanted me to struggle
As if righteousness would be worth all the pain
Look down at the carpet and get lost inside the fibers
Can't help but notice the stains

Eating up the hazy daylight seconds
Waiting for the urge to take me up
Watch the little heat waves radiating off my coffee
Leave the lukewarm liquid in the cup
Standing in my wardrobe with my thoughts now
Make the choice that only I can make
This leather belt I bought was never meant to hold a man's weight
But I'm praying that it will for goodness sake

Track Name: Weekend with the Satanists
We were drawing on the bathroom stall
In the local Walmart
Pentagram and Baphomet overlooked the john
You leaned your head against the wall
And you checked your cellphone
Seeing people that I hadn't met who were coming by
And I don't know what to say
When trouble comes my way

Then we jousted with the shopping carts
With your friends and neighbors
Hitting mattresses and pillows too, with a push and shove
Someone joked about the liberal arts
And you took offense then
Didn't say it, though I surely knew that they were right
The light of day starts to fade
But we are always in the shade

Later on when you got a strike
At the bowling alley
I looked into your verdant eyes and I saw god
And I'm guessing that's what love feels like
But I'm not too certain
There's no one here who can deny your mystery
And we know that we're bad
But it's the most fun I've had

Then you went to find the colors lost
By the sober rainbow
While your friends set up the television on the basement floor
I could practically taste exhaust
With the engines roaring
And I knew that there'd be a collision, but maybe not
A lot of time had passed
The future seemed so vast

Yeah! (x12)
Track Name: Coming Storm
When I'm with you it feels like
There's a thunderstorm brewing
Sky churns gray like a dead channel
Droning static; lightning's stewing

Wind whipping past my scalp
Feel my hair losing its part
And with the grumble of the clouds
Everything is still but the beating of my heart

It's colder than it was all of the sudden
Two pressure systems have smacked head on
And they tussled like elks challenging each other
They crack antlers and then they're both gone
And I know that I'm going to get soaked
And I know things are going to get scary
Hair smells bad when it's singed by lightning
Petrichor's my maraschino cherry, yeah

Yeah, those seconds before the storm
Are my favorite kind of feeling of them all
And you encapsulate that feeling in your soul
I look into your eyes as the birds begin to squall

I put up with your ego and your jeering
I don't know what about you is so endearing
God, do I fear your cutting wit
But as it turns out that's just how I like it
Track Name: Fish Farm
We broke into the fish farm just past nightfall
Dipped our hands in the water and felt the carp give us kisses
We had been drinking and you were smoking Pall Mall
Night was getting hotter and you were delicious

Walked past the row blocks holding your hand
Tight enough I felt your bones but you just smiled
No one smiles at me like that, but you understand
I'm afraid of the unknowns, but our love is wild

I've never known a lick of sympathy
But your love is a symphony
Conducting my heart so wonderfully
And I'm glad that you came to know me

We lay on the concrete and saw stars through the ceiling
Pushed back your hair away from your face
We laughed about nonsense and tried to bottle this feeling
And this smell in the air and the warmth of your grace

We got together like pencils and cassette tapes
You're the first person to which I connect
We sit on the floor, smelling like fermented grapes
Victims of the Dunning-Kruger Effect

You and I met through debauchery
But your love is a symphony
Conducting my heart so wonderfully
And I'm glad that you came to know me