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The sequel to Thanatos by James Buchanan Fan Club about drug smuggling, lost love, methamphetamine, pregnancy, and regret (among other things).

Thanks to all our listeners. Please listen to this album either a) loudly or b) with a good pair of headphones.


released August 23, 2016

John Belmont - glockenspiel, guitar, hammered dulcimer, keyboards, mandolin, ukulele, vocals

Select audio from Tracks 1, 6, and 10 are from the 1994 film Pulp Fiction. Select audio from Track 5 is from a YouTube video of ocean waves. Select audio from Track 8 is from a YouTube video of different ambulance and police car siren sounds.

Recorded in John's bedroom in Winston Salem, North Carolina and John's apartment in Harrisonburg, Virginia
All composition and lyrics by John Belmont
Mixed and mastered by John Belmont



all rights reserved


James Buchanan Fan Club Harrisonburg, Virginia

James Buchanan Fan Club (formed 2015) is an alternative / folk / indie project and brainchild of Harrisonburg resident John Belmont, with some occasional contributors.

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Track Name: Kitchen Floor
Who the hell is this guy
Lying here on the floor
It's the last thing I'd expect
Walking in the door
You're sitting at the table
With a thousand yard stare
There's blood all over your dark blue shoes
But you don't seem to care
Crickets shatter the silence
Never knew you'd stoop to violence
Lying here on the kitchen floor
His still cold mass can't be ignored

Feel the breath rise out of me
And all the weight leave my head
Crinkle the sides of my jeans, sorry
What was that you said?
He came in through the window
There was nothing you could do
Voice like a hurricane warning horn
Drowning out the world as the storm begins to brew
Knife lying on the tile
You try desperately to smile
Sitting here on the kitchen floor
Don't know who you are anymore
Track Name: Diamond Heist
In the land where they dine on frogs
We waited in the parking lot
Warmth of the ski mask and gloves on my hands
Burned off an inner sense of rot
The driver looked at me with a good, hard glare
And stared across the nearby lawn
Where buildings older than the concept of gravity
Were renovated into Papa John's
And there I sat
Waiting for the phone
With co-conspirators
And yet so alone

Windows tinted in the back of the van
Ready for what they would conceal
Three or four suitcases we wiped clean
For the diamonds we were soon to steal
Notice that my foot in my boot on the floor
Has tapped for about an hour straight
For all the time I put into this heist
I'm not sure I'll carry the weight
And there I sat
Waiting for the phone
With firepower
But not my stones

The phone rings and I jump ten feet
And the tone fills up the whole truck
We look at each other with a sense of fear
And we all pray for good luck
Bird chirps outside and I jump again
And I see a brown flapping wing
I was a coward
I grabbed the phone and did the wrong thing
And there I sat
Talking on the phone
But all of the commands
Faded into a drone
Track Name: Commandant
There you sat looking at the stars
With our welcome mat marked by cheap cigars
As we weigh our options on cerebral scales
You and I were never one for the details
But I will try to make you look above
And bring to life the cadaver of our love
You just got to believe that we can set things right
Let's have the best sex of our lives until the break of light
We can do anything that we damn well want
I'll be the general if you're my commandant

All the fights you went with your doubt
And all the nights you and I would scream and shout
About how the water's lost it's boil
The sauerkraut of our love is going to spoil
But I'm going to do whatever it will take
Even if you and I have to make the whole world shake
You just got to believe that we can make the tables turn
And I made mistakes but there's always room to learn
I've been pretty dull but if fun is what you want
I'll be the general if you're my commandant

Open up the liquor cabinet and let the bad decisions flow
There's a couple that we used to be that we have got to know
Turn it up and dance naked in our clothes
If we drink 'til we drop we won't have to face our woes
You just got to believe that we can find our love again
Even if you and I are faithless now and then
I commit to the night and you are who I want
I'll be the general if you're my commandant
You just got to believe that we can make our union last
Hope our folks and our friends watch through safety glass
Lick the rum off your skin and give you all I've got
I'll be the general if you're my commandant, commandant
Track Name: Peanut Butter Crank
Pull back the curtains and look down at the sidewalk
Jump right out of my skin when a bird squawks
Curse this day and curse our stupid weeks of scheming
Here he comes, here comes the mailman
Sweat with fear because he might foil our plan
He looks over the package enough to make me start steaming
Pace across the room in the sunlight's benediction
And pray to every god I know to end this affliction
Jesus, Allah, and whatever Tom Cruise believes
It's over, he did it, it's in the mailbox
Teeth chatter like a hundred thousand cuckoo clocks
Watch the mailman strolling off through the elm leaves
Check the window again for any of my neighbors
They always talk too much and ask a bunch of favors
But the path is clear and I sprint down the apartment hall
Open up the metal door as quick as conceivable
The fact that you got this hear is unbelievable
Run back inside nearly jumping right through the dry wall
Track Name: Norwegian Star
When the airplane comes in
The windmills in the water
If you look through forced perspective
Push the wings and tail on her

In the silence of the taxi
With the hum of the road
Each of us looking out the windows
Carrying a senseless load
The amber ring I bought you
Is unable to fill the blank spaces
And we can't hold back the demons
Hiding behind our faces
I loved you so much
A long time ago
But who you are now
I don't know, I don't know

All the Filipino staffers
On their diligent missions
Distract me for long enough
To fulfill your suspicions

That expensive satin dress
Looks so soft and sleek
Twenty different languages on this cruise
And spouse is the one I really need to speak
How many material things
Will I try to treat our festering scars?
How many nights will regret flood back
Under twinkling stars?
I loved you so much
A long time ago
But who you are now
I don't know, I don't know
Track Name: Saint Petersburg
Dim lights fade at the border
Blood sets up like mortar
While the Russian police
Scour the floor like vultures
And the haunting stink of the kill
Rises into the air so still
Kitschy nesting dolls on the shelf
Balsa wood culture
I regret my whole life
Sweat bullets and twitch with hot strife
And I mumble a prayer
Hope they don't find my coke there

Watch the homeless men feed the strays
Hope to play this like it lays
Distant black swirling water
Beckons me
Hear the chirp of the ATM
Feel something cracking deep inside my brain stem
Thought maybe I'd be alright
But now I see

Well, it's only a matter of time
Until everyone knows my crime
Watch the K9 unit come
Around the perimeter
There is no reason to run
It would be like outrunning a gun
Houston's got a problem
Broke altimeter
[Chorus x2]
Track Name: Toads
Toads in the backyard
Frolick in the sunlight
For all of my failures
I'll try to get this one right
When you're talking
Your soul is a kugelblitz
I'm enraptured
And my mind once so frugal splits
And I am a fuck up however you spin it
But I hope my future can still have you in it

Snake in the garden
Slithers off silent
The working that love takes
Can feel pretty violent
I hope you can trust me
I hope that I've earned your time
And I want to fix us
Before Heaven's bells all chime
Because there's no question I'm under your spell
And I don't have anymore lies left to tell

And I love you
And I care
I know we've got something
Worth maybe a prayer
You are beauty
You are grace
And I'm hoping
You let me keep pace

Blue jays are fighting
And screaming their curses
And I want to learn
How to write our life's verses
I'm no poet
But I'll take a stab at it
Your love was a lifeline
And I took a grab at it
And I will be better than I used to be
But right now you're blind, babe, but one day you'll see
Track Name: Sharpie
On the way back from the Walgreens
You decipher what the signs mean
Stop a moment for some gas
Listen for my phone's directions
You can see our sad reflections
Painted on the tinted glass
Little snapshot of the shit show
Framed into a little window
In an Aztek on the road
What we did to get to this place
Makes it hard to keep a straight face
Careful or you'll drop the load
Like a drawing with a Sharpie
There's no wiping clean the slate
Like the singing of a siren
There's no getting free from fate

Parking curbside by the neighbor's
For the Herculean labor
We will have to take it slow
Bite my nails on the love seat
Tapping out a sordid drum beat
Hope the god you speak of shows
And you're in there for a while
And I cannot help but smile
And I ask if you got lost
With your silence I feel worry
Make my thinking kind of blurry
And my neurons get all crossed

Sitting on the diamond tiles
A thousand thoughts run in my brain
And you're crying on the toilet
For all that we'll have to explain
Track Name: Quaker State
In the Susquehanna River
Crouched over looking down
Shadow of a leaf nearly fools me
But it's somewhere in the deep murky brown
Brown water flowing past my boots
Like a gallon of ice tea
Northumberland County
Hasn't seen the last of me

We've got about six minutes
Until the cops arrive
Damn it Larry, look a little harder
I've been planning this since 1995
And I'll be damned
Five million dollars is everything I need
Taste the mud in between my teeth
See my blood drip into the weeds
You drove too fast trying to make the turn
And if we go to prison then you are going to burn
I swear to you
I'll guarantee you that
I swear to you
I'll guarantee you that

We found the first of the bags
We are well on our way
I'm going to teach the doubtful
That crime does pay
Check my watch for the thousandth time
Wipe my brow clean
On my hands and knees
Digging through the granite and the reeds and the citrine

Man, I am tired
Growing tired of everything now
Gambled off what could have been my life
On Russian hookers in Macau
Hear the sirens coming close
Tires squealing on the road
Woodpecker high up in the branches
Typing out a warning in the bark in Morse Code
You should've hit the brake when you came into the curve
And if I make it out of this you'll get what you deserve
I swear to you
I'll guarantee you that
I swear to you
I'll guarantee you that
Track Name: What We Are
It was a truth we couldn't wait to ignore
And yet it tapped and hammered on the glass
Sometimes I could hear it in the ceiling
Whispers in asbestos and fear in bitter gas
It was a fate we tried our best to deny
And yet it came on bounding down the hills
Green-eyed, drunk, and angry as it slobbered
Shrieking in a tone that would give anybody chills
I don't know what we are
But there's something that I do know for sure
I don't know what we are
But there's nothing you've got worth dying for

It was a lie we told ourselves every night
That it would spread its wings and fly away
But its feathers lined with lead were too heavy
And it was too exhausted and stayed
It was a doubt that always stuck in my shoe
Poking at my soul with little claws
Leaving for a second then returning
Holding many daggers in its jaws

It was a fear that wrapped tight around our necks
Creaking with our weight out in the breeze
Sprung up from a branch we couldn't grab at
The ground too far below to even tease
It was a love we built on sandy foundations
Things were geometrically right
But when the little granules get moving
This house will fall into an endless blight